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Jens Stenz

Violinmaker Jens Stenz was born in Randers, Denmark in 1960. His interest in violinmaking and repairing developed through a profound interest in music and craftsmanship.

From 1982-till 1985, he studied violinmaking at the Welsh School of Musical Instrument Making and Repair. The training was completed with a Diploma of merit in 1985.

In 1985-1986 he worked in the shop of Emil Hjorth & Sons in Copenhagen, concentrating on restoration and repair.

In 1986 he opened his own shop in Århus specializing in restoration, new making and dealing in fine instruments and accessories of the violin-family and their bows.

In 1991 he was granted membership of the Danish Guild of Master Violin makers, (The National Danish organisation of professionally trained violin and bow makers). During 1997 - 2003 he served as chairman of this organisation.

He was accepted as full member of the Entente Internationale des Maitre Luthiers et Archetiers d´Art in 1999 (The International society of Violin and Bow makers.)

He is a consultant for insurance companies, auction houses and has been appointed specialist advisor to the court.

Apart from the workshop activites, Jens Stenz carries out an extensive research on the Danish violinmakers of the past. He has given lectures on aspects of violinmaking, restauration and the history of Danish violinmakers.

He has written articles about the traditions of violin making in Denmark for "The Strad Magazine" and the "British Violin Makers Association Journal".

The articles can be read here:

"Home made Danish" [The Strad Magazine - January 2002]

"Letter from abroad" [British Violin Makers Association Journal - January 2001]

"In Focus" [The Strad Magazine - January 1996]