Christiansgade 25, 2. th
8000 Århus C, Denmark
Tel: (+45) 86 20 22 11
Fax: (+45) 86 18 19 79
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Violin: Gulbrand Enger, København 1870


Since the opening of the shop in 1986, Jens Stenz has been building up a large collection of instruments made by Danish makers of the past. This collection contains instruments by known and lesser known makers.

Historical reasearch is carried out in museums and archives, to gain further knowledge of each individual maker.

Should you posses an instrument made by a Danish maker we are always interested to hear from you to photograph and registrer your instrument in our archives.

Instruments currently in the collection are made by:

P.P Adamsen
Simon Christian Bojesen-Petersen
Gulbrand Enger
Hagbart Enger
Jens Nielsen Frost
Søren Nielsen Gade
Frederik Wilhelm Hansen
Emil Hansen
Andreas Hansen Hjorth
Emil Theodor Hjorth
Emil Hjorth & Sønner
Otto Hjorth
A.F. Hoffmann
P.N.Holm Thomas Jacobsen
Lars Henric Larsen
Christian & Wilhelm Larsen
Nicolaus Jacobus Marstrand
Pauli Merling
Hans Poulsen
Anders Rasmussen
Knud Vestergaard
Carl Metthus og Andreas Weis
Niels Winther
and many others...