Christiansgade 25, 2. th
8000 Århus C, Denmark
Tel: (+45) 86 20 22 11
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Since opening the shop, Jens Stenz has recommended All-Risk Insurance policies for a large number of musicians as well as symphony orchestras and foundations.

If you posses a good quality instrument we recommend an All-Risk Insurance Policy. Prior to insuring your instrument, it is necessary to have an appraisal from a professional violinmaker. To have your instrument appraised, you are welcome to call for an appointment.

Among the many clients for whom we have made insurance-valuations are:

Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra,
Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra,
Trondheim Symphony Orchestra (TSO),
The Danish Chamber Orchestra,
Aarhus Symphony Orchestra,
Odense Symphony Orchestra,
Aalborg Symphony Orchestra,
Soenderjyllands Symphony Orchestra,
Det Jyske Ensemble,
Randers Chamber Orchestra,
Danish Chamber Players,
Esbjerg Ensemble and
The Augustinus Foundation