Christiansgade 25, 2. th
8000 Århus C, Denmark
Tel: (+45) 86 20 22 11
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The Workshop

In the workshop we do repairs and restoration on all instruments and bows of the violin family.

Repairs undertaken only on a limited basis.

Most of our customers are musicians from symphony orchestras, conservatories, music schools and some are folk and jazz musicians.

To obtain maximum playing capability, we advise that your instrument is given a standard check up once a year. This normally involves the following tasks:





All glue joints, cracks and seams inspected and glued where necessary.
Pegs adjusted, cleaned, and lubricated.
Fingerboard shooting, polishing and given an oil-treatement.
Varnish carefully cleaned and retouched
The neck cleaned and oil-treatment
Sound post and bridge adjustment
New strings
Bow cleaned and rehaired
Large restoration jobs are also carried out in the workshop

You are welcome to visit the shop to have advice and an estimate of costs of the repairs. Opening hours and maps you can find under Contact.